Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shipping Your Car?

Don't think that problems with transporting your vehicle are solved by just picking the right company to do the job. Be prepared to take a lot of matter into your own hands to ensure a smooth freighting experience. To save you from getting possible headaches with the Vehicle Shipping company, keep in mind these important things.

Know whom to call within the company for inquiries and other serious matter. You can also call them to get updates on how your car's transportation is doing. The unique code given for your car meant for shipment must be kept handy at all times.

2. Ask the vehicle shipping company what level of fuel you should have in your tank. Some shipping companies require the level of the gas to be low. This is due to the fact that these cars are more prone to combustion.

3. Take all your personal stuff out of your vehicle. Leaving them inside your car is prohibited. As they might get stolen or broken during the shipment process.

Some auto shippers also put a limit on the weight of the vehicle to be transported, so inclusion of personal items including household appliances is not permitted. The company does not offer any protection to the stuff left in your car that may be lost or broken. You cannot blame the shipping company for this.

4. Disable your alarm system. Don't wait for the shipping staff to be bothered by it, it is better to disconnect it before it becomes a nuisance. You may also turn it off or disconnect it, whichever is more convenient for you.

You must also have a copy of proof of shipment for your vehicle and its state of repair before it was shipped. By doing this, you won't be left in a state of rut in case your vehicle was damaged just because its prior condition wasn't properly documented. List all the previous marks, grazes and impairments found in your car and get the shipper to note it in his copy.

This document contains all the pertinent details you might need to know. Try not to lose this document. In cases of disputes, you will need this document as proof.

Lastly, photograph your vehicle on how it looked before shipment as a point of reference. Upon the delivery of your vehicle, inspect it carefully and thoroughly. Take a careful look at it from all vantage points and evaluate it against the snapshots you've taken.

See if there are any discrepancies with your car's condition as compared to the statement found in the Bill of lading. You won't be able to seek for claims of damages if you are in hurry to discharge the company from the contract. The company cannot process insurance claims if you have already released them from their responsibility as shipper.

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