Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Water Tanks Can Be Useful In A Country Like America

People place value on the presence of water, thus, resulted to the existence of water sources in houses. Throughout numerous years, Water Tanks became an important structure. This claim of water tank creation was verified by archeological finds made by scientist.

Because of the health implications of proper hydration, it is important that people must drink 8 glasses of water. The drinking of numerous glasses of water must be observed even if it is not stated in books. During the year of 2002 and 2008, studies were conducted in connection with water intake that made use of some related literature.

Though it is suggested that 8 glasses of water must be drunk, there is still some doubts about the number. Based from British Dietetic Association, it is said that 1.8 liters a day is the recommended water intake. On the other hand, American RDI came up with a different a different standard. These include the water unknowingly consumed when eating food and drinking beverages.

It is expected that every glass of water would contain at least minimal amount of minerals. These include calcium, zinc, phosphate, sodium, potassium and chloride, as well as fluoride. The occurrence of certain minerals and elements in water makes it a valuable asset.

The presence of different water sources makes America not susceptible to drought. Africa, unlike America, has an immense problem when it comes to source of clean water. Around the world, only 27% of rural areas get safe drinking water in their homes.

Mostly, people residing in rural places are said to be victims of poor water supply. Water is given great value in countries that faces drought. Some are forced to drink dirt water, which is better than no water at all.

Sea water, which can be seen in almost all places in the world, is a water source restricted to humans. In terms of water allowed for human consumption, people could consider freshwater as a viable source. Underground aquifers, rain, desalinating seawater and plants are just some of the many freshwater reservoirs that people observe.

Though the source may be far, but water is still made available at the convenience of one's residence with the help of piping. Nonetheless, the piping we use today have long been established which resulted to its poor condition today. Incidents of clean water being contaminated usually happen espacially in old and rusty pipes.

In cases of drought and intense hot weather, people can make use of water tanks and towers as a reservoir where consumable water can be stored. In drought stricken country, a single drop of water is everything. As a means of promoting agriculture in certain countries, concepts such as dry land farming was created and developed.

Having an efficient water tank system can be an asset for places relying on agricultural industry. This only illustrates the urgency that people in developed countries should conserve this dwindling resource. Nowadays, having water tanks must be seen in homes in order to assure water supply sustainance.

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