Friday, December 23, 2011

Calumny and Crescent Processing Company Complaints

It is unavoidable to hear some negative side regarding a business especially if its policies have been misunderstood. Verily, it is very easy to believe the accusations of dishonesty especially if these people didn't know a thing or two about the real score. Thus it is easy to assume that they have been taken disadvantage of, even if they are not.

A Dell computer is given to every successful marketing applicant for the Crescent Processing Company. The laptop is important since agents need to show visual presentations and videos to their prospective clients. Additionally, enterprises who might be interested are logged in a database exclusive to the company.

Moreover, the laptop lets the sales representative process the transaction immediately. It is not a secret that a 0 guarantee should be paid by the salesperson to the company. It is true that there is a 0 fee before the laptop is released to each agent, however, it is not for the device itself.

Essentially, salespersons are not all allowed to use their personal laptops to record their dealings and perform demos. To make it clear, the 0 serves as a security deposit for the device. There is no need to pay for it from their own pockets as it will be charged to the first successful deals that they have made for the company.

However, this still makes an impression that the agents are paying for the laptop. As said before, 0 is used as a guarantee for the use of the device. Any agent who wishes to terminate the contract with Crescent will receive the 0 back in full.

One of the most common Crescent Processing Company complaints has been related to the issue regarding the sales leads that they offer to their clients. This is a copy of names and offices that a marketer should be able to transact with. These are scheduled meetings that need confirmation from the concerned people found on the list.

The issue showed up because many previous agents have said that the list of leads is useless and of no help at all. As salespeople, they ought to know that a client is only interested to hear that sounds interesting to them. Of course, a bad presentation can result to the client to reject the proposal for that matter.

Crescent Company has done everything to get the agent a fair advantage in making a sale. In most common cases, the agents are responsible for the sourcing of their own clients. You can see how they value their agent's time and sweat by cutting of some of the tasks that these people ought to be doing.

The company was not even spared the rumors that it is keeping money away from businesses. When a company sells, or a consumer buys, it is the company's responsibility to verify if these are legitimate transactions. Crescent has to verify a specific exchange of commerce between two parties to see if they are legit.

Crescent's methods may be quite novel for most people, but they are not certainly involved in scams. One can see now that the allegations hurled at the company are untrue. Thus, it is not always to assume that what we hear is the solid truth.

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