Sunday, March 25, 2012

What You Need to Know About A Masters in Project Management Degree

You should know that applications processes are not the same for every school. Aside from your educational background, another important consideration for educational facilities if your life as a working professional. For individuals who are interested in applying for a masters in project management, here are some of the application requirements involved.

When it comes to a program like this one, you will only be accepted if you have a bachelor’s degree from a renowned institution. Here is where interested individuals should have several years' worth of work experience in jobs that are related to project management. It is important for workers to have something like a project management certification.

Another possible prerequisite for this kind of program is called a statement of purpose. This will express your sincere interest for a continuing education in project management. The statement of purpose may address the following: describing your previous work experience, your plans for your career path, and why you have chosen to pursue a masters degree in project management.

Letters of recommendation from an academic or professional sponsor are also deemed necessary for admissions. About three documents on average is what institutions ask for. Aside from reflecting your previous works and academic performance, these letters will also show the school what kind of person you are.

Here is where an official transcript of records will also be required from an applicant. Your credit history in school is something that educational facilities need to be familiar with and this is why they need your transcript of records. It is a good idea to include the transcript of records that you have from all the schools that you have gone to.

Considering that some students have international citizenships, what they need to do is pass their scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Educational and professional backgrounds differ from individual to individual and because of this, educational facilities rely on GMAT and GRE scores as well so see to it that you have these. When it comes to a degree in project management, it is important for an applicant to have a 450 GMAT score.

There are times when GMAT and GRE scores are ignored if the applicant has been working for 7 years or so. If 5 years has not yet passed since you took the GMAT, you can still use your scores to supplement your other application documents. Considering that GMAT scores are waived, for this to be legal, there is a proper protocol that has to be followed.

As mentioned, individuals with previous work experience must receive a certification to be qualified for admissions in a masters in project management program. If you do not have 10-12 weeks of work experience, they will not count. It is important for either of these five, initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing, to be the concentration of your line of work.

Another requirement that will make a person eligible for a project management degree is a 35-hour classroom course. When it comes to this, a Project Management Professional exam should also be taken. Although a certificate in project management has to be paid for, this is something that will help you gain more advantage when you apply for a masters degree in project management.

The thing about admission requirements is that they differ from institution to institution. It then makes it practical to complete the mentioned basic requirements, so you will have time to tend to additional requirements. If you are interested in a Project Management Masters degree, you should put enough effort when you deal with admission requirements which are extremely important.